Eurythmy Workshops

During a group workshop, while being guided by a trained eurythmist, we will gather together to interact in socially rhythmic exercises. As your experience deepens, through active participation, you will begin to feel and understand the basic principles and graceful movements associated with the art of eurythmy. Appropriate for all ages, this natural art form allows you to enliven your spirit by moving with pleasure while feeling as one. Classes in both tone (music) and/or speech (poetry) eurythmy are available at the university, high school, middle school, and elementary school levels.

Eurythmy Lectures/Demonstrations

These lectures/demonstrations will explore the origins, history, evolution, and specific laws governing the art form called eurythmy. Lectures may include demonstrations, which will be utilized in order to bring about a greater understanding of the art of eurythmy. Upon request, a question and answer period will follow.

For more performance information, classes, workshops, demonstrations, lectures, or artistic collaborations, please contact us.